junio 2017


How Oracle technology works? Oracle is a fully scalable relational database architecture and is often used by global enterprises, which manage and process data across wide and local area networks. This technology is a tool client-service to the database management. It is a product sold… Leer más »Oracle

RedHat operating system

RedHat operating system RedHat is a leading software company in the business of assembling open source components for the Linux operating system and related programs into a distribution package that can easily be ordered and implemented. Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers military-grade security, 99.999% uptime,… Leer más »RedHat operating system

Microsoft Visual C++

Microsoft Visual C++ What is Microsoft visual C++ ? Microsoft Visual C++ is a integrated development environment (IDE) used to create Windows applications in the C, C++, and C++/CLI programming languages. It was originally a standalone product, but is now included as part of Microsoft… Leer más »Microsoft Visual C++

Microsoft Visual C++ entorno de desarrollo integrado

Microsoft Visual C++ Visual C++ es un entorno de desarrollo integrado para lenguajes de programación. Diseñado para el desarrollo y depuración de código escrito para las API’s de Microsoft Windows, DirectX y  tecnología Microsoft. Características: Visual C++ hace uso del framework Microsoft Foundation Classes, un conjunto de clases C++ para el desarrollo de aplicaciones… Leer más »Microsoft Visual C++ entorno de desarrollo integrado


Programing that deciphers complicate codes The Java computer language is known as a high level programming language, class-based, object-oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. The goal of the programming language was to make it so that a developer who… Leer más »Java


HTML5  es la última versión de HTML. El término representa dos conceptos diferentes: Es una nueva versión , con nuevos elementos, atributos y comportamientos. Permite a los sitios Web y a las aplicaciones ser más diversas y de gran alcance. A este conjunto se le llama HTML5 y amigos, a… Leer más »HTML5


What is? Coaching is the counseling offered to the developers and collaborators to train them in methods, technologies and work tools related with the development software. We will be part of your team as advisors and giving to you high quality code. The counseling provides… Leer más »Coaching