Administrative Services


Managed It Services

Our team of specialists in conjunction with our service methodology, technology and cloud platform allows us to offer a comprehensive service by taking control of your organization’s IT operations.

Whether your technology needs are few, such as hosting a website, email or a system or if you require support with the entire operation of your IT department, our team can support you.

We have specialists in cutting-edge technologies that allow you to manage your infrastructure, software or IT department through specialization by allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

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The measurement and monitoring of the services provided by us is carried out, in order to guarantee compliance with times, processes and quality in the operation of the Service Center.

We ensure that effective mechanisms are established to properly manage the recording and monitoring of all incidents and requirements received.

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Infrastructure as a service:

Our cloud computing platform was built with simplicity and vanguard; so our infrastructure management is easy, whether your business is running a virtual machine or ten thousand. GlobalSoft supports it so that teams can build, deploy and scale applications in the cloud more quickly and efficiently.

Under the model of Docker, Linux Servers or Droplets, GlobalSoft offers high storage, processing and security capacity.

Our sysadmin will support you in the process of migration, installation and support of your application.

Docker Digital Ocean gsuite

Database server:

At GlobalSoft we offer you the power of the cloud so you can deploy your database on a server dedicated to the processing of your information.
mysql PostgreSQL MariaDB SQL Server Oracle

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Hosting sites and software:

Traditional site hosting servers don’t have the capabilities to provide good performance for complex portals and custom applications. Contact us to offer you a cloud-based alternative that allows you to have a high performance and availability of your portal or app.

If your app or web portal does not have the desired performance you can rely on the GlobalSoft team to perform a performance evaluation.


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