Alertas Monitoreo

Alert manager is a notification control app, created by GlobalSoft to the infrastructure of company.

It is about to an online app, as a software as service, also counts with a mobile platform to Android and iOS.

The web and mobile version manage the control of the alerts in an individual or grupal way, and allows to be in contact with all the persons involved, since the moment it is received until the follow up to the actions done.

It is possible to know who has received the alert and control it.

Web Platform

Gestor de Alertas listado Gestor de Alertas gráficas

The web platform is written in PHP and Javascript, and is in the cloud, only is necessary check in to start to using the platform.

It is also possible to view different reports of alerts according to the criticality, people involved, working groups, etc.

Mobile Platform

Gestor de Alertas móvil Gestor de Alertas Móvil
  • Facilitates time management and the online information without necessity to access the Web.
  • Allows get in touch with the people involved by via telephone or messages from the app.
  • Lets close the alert once it has been resolved


Is possible to know the status from our infrastructure in real time and identify the weak points to improve the productivity. Through a group of people who is in charge to notify the alert to the indicated person. 


The easiest way to monitor your company’s infrastructure!