In development, we improve your software by doing it more complete, functional and different, based on open source solutions.

What is?

It is the process of generating mobile applications from the needs of customers.

It begins as an idea, then it is interpreted, and at the end it is constructed, so together with the customer is delivered as a real solution.

Development services

    • We offer apps development, resource allocation to support the projects and also commercialization and implementation of systems.
    • We analyze customer needs, therefore, we evaluate, we take industry and technology elements and integrate a creative way to offer software solutions.
    • Building applications and business operational.
    • Elaboration of mobiles solutions
  • Implementation, evaluation, evolution and free software support.

We found a middle point between agile management and traditional. Because we develop each project, company and product with a specific method. We mix both approaches to take advantage of the agile methodology and developing models.