AngularJs allows to create dynamic apps


AngularJS was originally started as a project in Google but now, it is open source framework and is a client side JavaScript MVC framework to develop a dynamic web application.

This technology is entirely based on HTML and JavaScript, so there is no need to learn another syntax or language.

AngularJS changes static HTML to dynamic HTML. It extends the ability of HTML by adding built-in attributes and components and also provides an ability to create custom attributes using simple JavaScript.

Is a project open source, realiced in Javascript with a library to the development of web apps.

Angular JS is a framework MVC developed by Google and written in Javascript. Also works next to the customer and allows to make more dynamic the web app.


AngularJS allows realiced apps of kind SPA (Single Page Applications), it is means that we can build a web app, and doesnt  need recargue the whole page. This allows to create a faster and easier web app.


We divide the framework in two areas:

  • HTML: declarative parts.
  • Javascript pure:  The controllers, factories and services.