Coldfusion web programming language

What is Coldfusion?

ColdFusion is a rapid development platform for building modern web applications, designed to be expressive and powerful and is built on Java and uses the Apache Tomcat J2EE container. It is a web programming language that (in a nut shell) allows a web page to communicate with a database. It lets a programmer create dynamic web pages on the fly that differ depending on user input, database lookups, time of day or whatever other criteria you require.

The expressive characteristic allows you to perform programming tasks at a higher level than most other languages. The powerful characteristic gives you integration with functionality important to web applications like database access, MS Exchange access, PDF form creation and more.

ColdFusion platform is built on Java and uses the Apache Tomcat J2EE container.

The most valuable feature for many companies that use this technology is the ability to build Web sites as “piece parts” that can be stored in a database and then reassembled for Web pages, e-mail newsletters, and other uses.

Consists  of two elements:

    • A server
  • Archives templates
It allows you to build large, complex and dynamic websites. Also can increase the productivity  in the development time and maintenance time.
    • Consult a database
    • Allow users to upload files
    • Create / read files on the server
    • Shopping cart
    • Present a personalized experience
    • Create a “member space”
    • Send email
    • Schedule Tasks automatically
  • Publish web services