Estimote technology

Estimote  is a technology start-up building a sensor-based analytics and engagement platform.

We develop what we like to call an operating system for physical locations — one that will change how people run businesses in the physical world and how consumers interact with real world products and venues.

Estimote SDK can be embedded into mobile apps, which can then use signals from built-in sensors or nearby beacons to estimate the context and micro-location of an event.

With our simple API, developers can easily build proximity or indoor location applications and trigger pre-programmed actions or send relevant messages.

How works the estimote technology?

The smartphones are looking constantly for signs. If they are in their rank, an associated app responds with the desired action.


For example, this technology can get information realated with the user profile. The apps also can push the data or statistics of the user.

By last, the information shows as a notification in the app. The nearby screens may respond with relevant information.