Google search engine

Search engine

Google is a multinational corporation founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. It specializes in Internet-related services and products, including search, cloud computing, online advertising technologies and software.

The best search

What helps Google stand out from its competition and helps it continue to grow and be the number one search engine is its PageRank technique that sorts search results. While being one of the best search engines on the Internet, also incorporates many of its other services, such as Google Maps , to provide more relevant search results.

What kind of technology is it?

Google is an American company that is most commonly known as a search engine.

Although the company made it’s name as a search engine, and the vast majority of its income comes from advertising because of this, it has branched out into a number of areas such as cloud computing, software and hardware.

Recently the company moved into the mobile hardware market by creating its first phone, called Pixel.

The cloud unit of the company is called Google Cloud, which contains things like G-Suite, the company’s productivity applications like Gmail and Google Drive.

Innovative technology

Internet technologies and the use of Digital Marketing are the innovations.

One of the most commonly used work tools for people is Google Drive.

This technology have designed technological devices as Google Glass. Also have created technology with   voice commands perform searches , take pictures and récord videos in HD.