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Gestión Corporativa

Administration system for SMEs

Manage and centralize your company’s information, easily and safely.

The administration of your business in the same platform

What is Gestión Corporativa?

It is a software that helps you take control of your company safely and easily, centralizing the information necessary for its management.

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    Reduce times
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    Unlimited users
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    Coin holder
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    Ease and safety

Take control of your company in one place

Main functionalities

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    Specialized reports
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    Income vs expenses
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    Multiple branches
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    Approval flows
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    Fixed assets
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  • icono-reportesespecializados
    Reportes especializados
  • icono-ingresosgastos
    Ingresos vs gastos
  • icono-multiplessucursales
    Múltiples sucursales
  • icono-activosfijos
    Activos fijos
  • icono-facturas
  • icono-flujosaprobacion
    Flujos de aprobación
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  • icono-proveedores
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Meet our memberships

  • Proof of expenses, income, payments and transfers
  • Full control of your expenses and income
  • Fixed assets and petty cash
  • Income and expenses by project

1 to 2 users

Basic membership

$99 MXN/month

Prices plus taxes

  • 25 pages of electronic receipts

3 a 20 users

Business Membership

$250 MXN/month

Prices plus taxes

  • 100 pages of electronic receipts

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