GRAILS framework open source

Grails open source

What is Grails?

Grails supports the development of many application types, including e-commerce websites, content management systems, and is open source. By leveraging sensible defaults and convention-over-configuration, the technology significantly increases developer productivity and reduces the time and effort to develop complex apps.

Grails was previously known as “Groovy on Rails”; in March 2006 that name was dropped in response to a request by David Heinemeier Hansson, founder of the Ruby on Rails framework.

Grails was designed to facilitate developer productivity

The efficiency and precision of the code means faster development with fewer bugs and less code. It includes a development time reloading agent to support the dynamic reloading of code changes, thereby reducing the number of container restarts in the development environment.

It’s an open source web application framework.

 Number of goals:

  • Provide a web framework for the Java platform.
  • Re-use existing Java technologies such as Hibernate and Spring under a single interface
  • Offer a consistent development framework.
  • Offer documentation for key portions of the framework:
    • The Persistence framework.
    • Templates using GSP (Groovy Server Pages).
    • Dynamic tag libraries for creating web page components.
    • Customizable and extensible Ajax support.
  • Provide sample applications that demonstrate the framework.
  • Provide a complete development mode, including a web server and automatic reload of resources.