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Support management is an app SaaS (software as a service) to help desk, designed and created by Globalsoft. With the purpose to support the services process from the company under the concept of self-service.

The main goal is reduce the request time, being a fast channel to the applicants.

Allows to the applicants to register a news service request and it is assigned right away to the specialist in charge.

The apps consists in a mobile platform iOS to finals customers.

Written in PHP and Javascript. Is an app SaaS that is found in the cloud.


Gestión de Soporte Web Gestión de Soporte Web

The web version is for applicants, they could register and give follow up to tickets.


Support management allows:

  • Register and give follow up of tickets
  • Give follow up to SLAs
  • Receive service requests by finals clients
  • Add comments to the requests




Gestión de Soporte Móvil Gestión de Soporte Móvil Gestión de Soporte Móvil
  • Realice a new request through the follow up of a ticket
  • Consult the status and updates of alls the tickets
  • Add comments and information to the request
  • Close the request when it is finished the service

A graphic picture of service flow:

Gestión de Soporte Servicio